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Sculptures by William Freer

As an abstract artist, William Freer’s modern, contemporary  metal and paper sculpture is featured in both private and corporate collections. Now available at Waxlander Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM and at Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

“I love paper.”
In the mid-1970s William Freer saw three white buildings shoulder-to-shoulder and that moment became the muse for his art. Amazed by the profound exchange of light to dark “where the shadows live,” those tones of gray were his inspiration.  Since then William Freer, modern sculptor, has carved shadows into his monochromatic paper works, contemporary paper sculptures, for corporate and private collectors nationwide. His abstract designs may also be referred to as Southwest Deco and Sacred Geometry designs.

“I love steel ~ the yin to paper’s yang.”
William Freer is a modern artist whose large abstract metal sculptures sometimes evoke ancient cultures or past movements like Art Deco, but are contemporary in tone, inviting conversation in courtyards and sculpture gardens through North America. This talented contemporary artist and modern sculptor is available to view a space and discuss creating a custom commissioned piece of William Freer art.